Board of Directors

The Board of Directors ensures the implementation of DSAGC’s mission and strategic plan, approves policies related to all aspects of organizational life, including its finances, ensures that the organization operates with its Bylaws and is properly managed and is the overall governing body for the DSAGC.

Dave Eberly, Board President
Lucinda Hurst, Past President                        
Marlena Tarver, Secretary                                
Brendan Walsh, Treasurer

Alan Abes
Ashley Barlow          
Annie Callan
Teresa Cracas      
Ken Czillinger    
Rich Dineen
Cheryl Heilman
Holly Holmes     
Kim Schmitz
Sally Shott
Pam Steele
MaryBeth Sullivan          
Tony Thornberry
Lauren Wang
Charlene Ware
​Mark Weiss
Kasey Young

Interested in joining the Board of Directors?  Please contact our Executive Director, Jim Hudson at