Support At Every Age

We provide support and resources to families from the moment of diagnosis (prenatally or after birth) through adulthood. Our Early Matters Coordinator assists new and expectant parents as they begin their journey of caring for their baby. Our School Age Matters Coordinator is available to assist parents and help provide direction as they learn about the IEP process, effective teaching strategies and making social connections. Our Adult Matters Coordinator focuses on offering a variety of social and educational opportunities related to housing, employment, transportation, healthcare, networking and aging. 

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Empowerment Classes

Empowerment classes are offered to individuals with Down syndrome of all ages and abilities. These classes include sign language, kitchen skills, physical therapy, cheerleading and more! The purpose of our Empowerment Classes is to truly empower participants by learning a new skill or partaking in a new activity. Classes typically meet weekly over a six week period. We offer new classes each quarter, so be sure to keep an eye out for the ones that interest you or your loved one. There is a $20 fee per 6 week session and registration is required.

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Social Opportunities

We have a wide variety of social opportunities offered throughout the year. Ongoing social activities include Community Groups, Social Clubs and Advocates in Action. However, we also offer unique get togethers every once in a while. Those include dance parties, picnics and recreational fun!

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21 Series

On the 21st of each month, we will host an educational workshop for parents, professionals, relatives and self-advocates (15 & up). Workshop topics will change each month and local experts will present in their area of expertise. Some of the topics include Sensory Processing, Puberty, Healthcare Transitions and more! These workshops are free to attend, but registration is required.

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iCan Swim Camp

iCan Swim Camp is an aquatics program to help children and adults with Down syndrome reach their individual aquatic goals. This week-long camp will take place July 17 – 21. Each swimmer attends the same 30 or 60 minute session each day of camp. Trained professionals will lead the camp, but there is also one volunteer assigned to each swimmer. Parents of registered swimmers are highly encouraged to attend an orientation on July 16. 


iCan Bike Camp

iCan Bike Camp uses adapted bicycles, a specialized instructional program and trained staff to enable individuals with disabilities to learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle. This week-long camp will take place July 24 – 28 with a parent orientation takin place on July 23. Riders attend one 75 minute session each day of camp where they learn to ride while accompanied and encouraged by volunteers. Over the course of the week we continually adjust the bikes in an effort to challenge riders balance as they gradually discover the skill and joy of riding. 


Independent Living Retreat

The Independent Living Retreat is a weekend-long retreat for adults 18 & up held at Xavier University.  The retreat focuses on community service, learning new skills, making friendships and gaining independence. There are two background checked volunteers per four retreat attendees. 


Summer Enrichment

Summer Enrichment is offered to expand learning time for children with Down syndrome. This program takes place Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in June. Session times are based on grade. Summer Enrichment is led by high-quality certified special education instructors with a ratio of one teacher and one assistant per four students. Certified teachers possess the skills and experience to adapt curriculum to meet students' needs, modify individual lessons, create picture schedules to keep students focused and differentiate instruction so that children can benefit from instruction via multiple learning channels. The teachers address the two areas of greatest learning loss: math and reading. 


Social Clubs

This year-round social opportunity serves as a way for our adults with Down syndrome to take a leadership role in planning and implementing their own social activities. These clubs were created to empower adults and increase independence. There are numerous social clubs throughout our twelve-county radius. Each club consists of 4 - 8 adults with Down syndrome and 2 peer partners.

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Advocates in Action

Advocates in Action is a program for adults with Down syndrome ages 18 & up.  Throughout the year, the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati will offer volunteer opportunities for our adults with Down syndrome.  The goal is to spread awareness and give back to the community.

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Community Groups

Community Groups provide support, connections, information and are a resource to families while creating a warm, welcoming, empathetic environment. A Community Group is designed to create opportunities for families that have children with Down syndrome to network and share common interests, concerns, challenges, and information. Community Groups are categorized based upon “Area Specific” (i.e. Westside or Eastside), “Special Interest” (i.e. African American or Single Parent) or “Birth Year”.

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The Government Affairs Committee of the DSAGC is comprised of a group of concerned parents and professionals, who have a passion for both advocacy work and the mission of DSAGC and advocacy work.  Their role is to spearhead any advocacy efforts on behalf of all the individuals with Down syndrome and their families throughout Greater Cincinnati.  This committee meets every two or three months to discuss next steps in our advocacy efforts.

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Employment Initiative

One of the long-term priorities for the DSAGC is to be a catalyst to encourage employers city-wide to hire more adults with Down syndrome. Whether you are trying to help navigate the employment puzzle for someone with Down syndrome in your life or if you are an employer looking to hire someone with Down syndrome, we are here to support you.

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National Down syndrome Adoption Network

The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network has been operating as part of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati since 1982. The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network provides information to birth families who may be seeking alternatives to parenting as they prepare for the arrival of their child. Making an adoption plan for a child with Down syndrome is a loving choice and can be the right choice for some families.

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