21 Series

On the 21st of each month, we will host an educational workshop for parents, professionals, relatives and self-advocates (15 & up). Workshop topics will change each month and local experts will present in their area of expertise. Some of the topics include Sensory Processing, Puberty, Healthcare Transitions and more! These workshops are free to attend, but registration is required.

Understanding Sensory Processing Differences
for parents, professionals, relatives and self-advocates 15 & up

February 21 | 10 - 11 AM
DSAGC Hatton Foundation Community Room

Presented By Joan V. Dostal, OTR/L

Sensory differences can impact the lives of children including those with Down syndrome. Sensory seekers and sensory avoiders engage with their world in ways that can limit participation in daily routines.  Challenges with praxis and postural control complicate how children learn and develop new motor skills. Understanding some of the behaviors of children with sensory processing disorders allows the parent to start problem solving around common sensory based concerns and possible tools to explore.

Joan V. Dostal OTR/L brings 40 years of clinical experience in a wide range of settings, including an outpatient SI clinic, early intervention, schools, newborn intensive care and follow up, and a mental health clinic. She has, for the past 33 years, been at Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute with responsibilities as clinician, co-owner and now clinical specialist. Her specialty area is sensory integration as she maintains a small caseload of children and adults, mentors COTI staff and provides trainings for families and professionals.


Charting the Lifecourse
for parents, professionals, relatives and self-advocates 15 & up

March 21 | 6:30 - 8 PM
DSAGC Hatton Foundation Community Room

Presented by Celia F. Schloemer 

Do you worry about your child's future? Do you feel supported by your community? Do you feel supported by formal DD services? Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of resources available? During this workshop, you learn about the "good life" and how you can utilize comprehensive and integrated systems across each of life's domains. Our presenter will show you how to map out your future to reach "the good life" as you see it.

Celia Schloemer is the Family Support Coordinator at the University of Cincinnati-University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, (UC-UCEDD).  She comes to this position with more than 12 years experience working directly with families of school-aged children with disabilities as an educational advocate.  In her present position, she supports individuals with disabilities and their families across the life span by connecting them to resources, assisting them in accessing information and offering trainings that improve outcomes.  Celia also brings to her work the perspective of being a sister-in-law, an aunt and a sibling to individuals with developmental disabilities.