Community Groups

Community Groups Coordinator
Amy Iten |

In order to effectively serve the twelve counties in the Greater Cincinnati area, the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati provides support to a variety of Community Groups that have been formed to help meet the varied and unique needs of the DSAGC community.

The Community Groups are considered extensions of the DSAGC, but autonomy and decision making authority is given to the groups so they can effectively meet their unique purpose and goals for serving families and individuals in our community.  Although Community Groups are autonomous, they operate within the DSAGC mission, bylaws, policies, and procedures.  They are also assigned a DSAGC staff liaison to assist and support them in reaching their goals.

“The DSAGC has been such a wonderful resource connecting me with other families of children with Ds.  I have found the most support from other families with young children specifically the Eastside Moms and the 2011 group - both of whom have members going through exactly what we are - which signs should we use for our toddlers, what toys and apps have helped most in development, feedback on therapists/ therapy/ IEPs, and loads of everyday situations.  Without the connections made possible through the DSAGC I know I would be missing out on things that help Nora”

- Emily Chesnut, mother of Nora