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Butler/Warren Community Group

Leader:  Jana Surace
The Butler/Warren Community Group is a place where you can be free to express your frustrations, joys, sadness, awesome moments, and pictures.  We are a group that gathers monthly for a Mom’s Night Out and makes life-long friendships.  We have a Facebook page calledDSAGC Butler/Warren Community Group.  We chat about our every-day events, questions, concerns, and funny times.  Our group is a safe place for us to gather information about Down syndrome, support one another, and go through experiences together.  We include all ages from prenatal into adulthood.

In the past, we organized events throughout both counties.  Each monthly Mom’s Night Out is in a different location to reach the entire population.  We had a family event at the Mason Community Center where our children had organized games to play.  We have educational meetings to learn about Down syndrome and how we can best support our children.  We have had swimming parties and playgroups.

We are excited to start planning for this year’s activities!  You are welcome to participate as often or as minimally as you are comfortable with.  We hope to hear from you!
Click here to join our group on Facebook!

B.A.C.H Community Group

Leaders:  Kimberly O'Madden & Elizabeth Fryman 
The BACH Community group serves Brown, Adams, Clinton, and Highland counties.  We offer a variety of services to our families and serve families of children with different disabilities.  We are considered a multi-age group, as our youngest DS member is 8 months old and our oldest member is 60.  The group has continued to grow every year.

We are looking forward to many more events and gatherings this year.  There is a wealth of support located in our community and we are working to collate all of them and centralize them for easier family support.   Some examples of our events are: Annual Fishing Event, Annual Highland County Country Picnic, parent meetings with educational material, Annual Pumpkin Event, etc.  We not only utilize our resources in our area but we incorporates families from all walks of life, from middle class, rural farm communities, to the Amish and Mennonite families.  We all have one goal in mind and that is providing our children and adults with Down's syndrome the best possible way to become independent members of our community with a whole lotta love too!

Eastside Community Group

Leaders:  Tika Tollett & Missy Skavlem 
The Eastside Community Group is for those families that live on the Eastside of Cincinnati.  Families live in Hamilton Co., Clermont Co., and parts of Warren Co.  We have a Play Group, Buddy Club, Mom's Group.  Hopefully in the future we will be able to start an Adult Group.

Following are examples of our yearly events: World Down syndrome Day Potluck, Findlay Market Scavenger Hunt, Summer Pool Party, Oktoberfest Picnic, Fall on the Farm, and New Year’s Eve Bash.  We also have a Mom’s Night Out where we can get away and rejuvenate ourselves.  Because there is so much to learn about Down syndrome we also hold educational meetings.  As you can see there are lots of opportunities to meet new families that have a common interest-Down syndrome!

If you are interested in joining an amazing group that talks about “real life” and learns from one another please contact the group leaders!  Click here to join our group on Facebook!

K.I.D.S Community Group

Leader: Nancy Goetz &Sara Hensley 
KIDS is “Kentuckians Interested in Down syndrome”! KIDS began as the first DSAGC community group back in 1998, when a group of parents in N. KY decided to meet to discuss issues relevant to KY. School issues, waivers, Medicaid, etc. can all be different in KY vs. Ohio, and parents needed a place to discuss issues and share ideas, so KIDS was born. KIDS members helped set the groundwork for the first Buddy Walks to be held in Cincinnati, and KIDS members regularly serve on the DSAGC Board and other committees. We have been blessed to have Molly Mattheis with us as a KY Mom, who has given so much insight into school-age and other matters.

KIDS today includes many smaller sub-groups—one for families with very young children, one for school-aged, one for teens, and one for young adults. These groups have a variety of activities, including pumpkin-patch/farm outings, music classes, fun therapies, school-issue discussions, family get-togethers, etc. As a large KIDS group we gather for an annual picnic, Moms’ Nights Out, and meetings to discuss a variety of topics. KIDS is a laid-back group where all are welcome to come and share ideas and experiences. Click here to join our group on Facebook!

Westside Community Group

Leaders:  Robin Schulz & Shelly Hissett 
The Westside of Cincinnati is known for being close-knit, laid-back and welcoming.  Our Westside family group of the DSAGC is no different.  We decided it was time to give the group a bit of a jump start about 2 years ago and get to know other families that were right in our back yards!  Our main focus was to bring together others who had family members with Down syndrome and connect thru experiences, the love we have for our kids, siblings and friends with Down syndrome and new friendships! We strive to bring together all age groups, from birth to adulthood, to diversify our group "membership".  And our group is open to extended family members, as well.  A big highlight is some of the amazing friendships that have formed among the siblings of our children with DS.

The events we plan center around a more social aspect because, let's face it, sometimes we all just need to get out of the house!  We have Family Dinner Night at LaRosa's, Moms Night Out (which usually involves food!!), outings for the entire family, such as our outing at Clippard Park's spray-ground and Parky's Farm for their Halloween Nights and get-togethers at each others' homes.  It is always exciting to have new families attend our events because it is a great way to make new friends and new connections! Click here to join our group on Facebook!


African American Family Network

Leaders: Marlena Tarver, Leesha Thrower, Charlene Ware & Valda Karmo 
This group is for African American families and friends who love someone with Down syndrome. We are a community group of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati. We are here to offer support, advice, and encouragement; to network and put families and friends in touch with each other; to share information and resources.  We have a dinner meeting on the third Saturday of every month at 5 p.m.  We might go out to eat, have a potluck or host a barbecue.  We encourage you to contact us and get involved!

D.A.D.S Group

Leader: Steve Skavlem 
We are the men in the family that get together monthly to chat and eat and make friends with those that are in similar circumstances relating to Down syndrome.  You can join our group and get updated information about what the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati is doing and all they have to offer.  At the end of each year we have a Holiday Party where the dads bring their children to play together and celebrate the extraordinary lives before them. 

DSAGC Teen Club

Leaders:  Nithya Narayan & Annie Castle
The teen club is for all ages 13-18.  The DSAGC Teen Club offers social opportunities for teens and networking for parents.  We meet just about monthly around the city for bowling, soccer games, picnics, tours, community outreach and a whole lot more!  If interested join our Facebook Group at DSAGC TEEN CLUB!

Grandparents Group

Leader: Martha Ostendarp
Congratulations! Being a grandparent of a child with Down syndrome can be a great joy. The opportunity to be a part of this special journey with your son or daughter will be an experience you’ll always cherish. Your years of parenting knowledge to draw upon if you are needed will be invaluable and your capacity to love a precious grandchild like no other will help the whole family to thrive. Join our Facebook Group by clicking here.

Hispanic Family Group

Leader:  Marina Vina | 513.490.2834 

El grupo ha concentrado sus esfuerzos en proveer soporte a las familias hispanas que lo solicitan, brindar educación a los padres de familia y ofrecer oportunidades de recreación. La primera reunión, fue en el otoño del 2010 cuando organizamos un evento para conocernos en el zoológico de Cincinnati. Desde entonces hemos realizado talleres en español  en temas como patología del lenguaje, lineamientos en salud y el Plan de Educación Individualizada, IEP. Los niños asistieron a una sesión de fisioterapia y terapia ocupacional en ABC Pediatric Therapy en West Chester y disfrutaron una clase de gimnasia con sus hermanos en el centro deportivo de Kids First. Cada Diciembre, nos reunimos para clausurar el año y celebrar los logros de nuestras familias.

Hemos incluido para su consulta y estudio, los artículos publicados por el DS Press organizados por temas, para facilitar su búsqueda. Los invitamos para que hagan uso de este valioso recurso.

Si desea ser parte del grupo, por favor contacte a Marina Viña en el teléfono (513) 490-2834. Sus ideas y contribuciones al grupo son importantes  para verlo crecer.


Serving families of children with Down syndrome born in specific years​ starting with 2011 through this year. Each group has a Facebook group and is facilitated by one or two leaders.

Do you have a new baby? Pregnant with a child with Down syndrome? Are you interested in joining your Birth Year Group?  Please contact Jena Wells at or 513.761.5400.


serving young adults ages 18 & up - each social club has two 'peer partners'.
Westside Co-Ed Group - "Big Time Rush"
Westside Ladies Group - "Westside Ladies"
Eastside Ladies Group - "Eastside Ladies"
NKY Co-Ed Group - "SuperStars"
NKY Ladies Group - "Cheetah Girls"
Butler/Warren Ladies Group - "BW Ladies"
Central Co-Ed Group - "Super JJAMBS"
Northside Mens Group - "Superheroes"

Are you or someone you know interested in joining a social club?  Please contact Christy Gregg at or 513.761.5400.