Early Matters Program

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati helps families assemble the building blocks necessary at every step of development as they construct a fulfilling life for their child.  These blocks are comprised of emotional support, information, education and connection opportunities.  The Early Matters Program is designed to assist new and expectant parents as they begin their journey of caring for their baby in each of these areas.  Typically, parents are looking for support with issues related to gross motor skill development, transition into kindergarten, communication skill development and social connections.  We offer a variety of information and support to families with children ages birth to five years old in the Early Matters Program.

Early Matters Coordinator
Jena Wells

513.761.4500 ext.18

Early Matters E-Newsletter 

November E-Newsletter



“When we were diagnosed we were both devastated, but, we wanted more information about what our lives were going to bring us. We came to meet Martha after a few suggestions from other families. She promised us how our lives would be changed for the better. How we will know more love and happiness than we could ever imagine. We were angry and hurt that our lives brought us an unwanted problem. Little did we know that Martha was 100% right! Our lives have been blessed with the arrival of Anastasia, or Stacy as we call her. She is perfect in every way! We know that we are truly blessed to have an organization like the DSAGC to help guide and comfort us.”

- Greg Hisset, father of Stacy