Employment Initiative

Kristen Vonderbrink, age 33

Employment is an important part of an adult’s life.  Adults with Down syndrome have desires, talents and abilities that impact their goals and outcomes for employment.  For anyone, having the right job can do wonders for one's sense of dignity, self-esteem and feeling they are a part of the community - and that certainly applies to adults with Down syndrome. 

One of the long-term priorities for the DSAGC is to be a catalyst to encourage employers city-wide to hire more adults with Down syndrome.  While we are not exactly sure what that will look like, this portion of our website will be devoted to this employment initiative.  One of our first projects was to put together a video targeting employers - asking them if they are “Ready to Hire.”  Please check out the video and then feel free to use it as a tool when you are advocating for someone to hire your family member or friend with Down syndrome.

This section is filled with resources, articles, tools and links for both Self-Advocates and their families and friends, as well as for employers to assist them in placement and long-term successful employment scenarios.  Whether you are trying to help navigate the employment puzzle for someone with Down syndrome in your life or if you are an employer looking to hire someone with Down syndrome, we would like to talk with you – just send us a note at employment@dsagc.com.  We welcome the opportunity for discussion about this very important topic. 

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