Independent Living Retreat

Coming June 2017

Registration Opens in March

The Independent Living Retreat is a weekend-long retreat for adults 18 & up held at Xavier University.  The retreat focuses on community service, learning new skills, making friendships and gaining independence.

  • The first night (Friday) is a 'networking night', so attendees can get to know one another and the facility.  They will review proper dinner ettiquete and practice at a formal dinner. 
  • Saturday morning - the group heads around town for various community service projects.  This teaches the importance of giving back and builds confidence.
  • Saturday afternoon - the group attends classes to learn new skills.  Classes include money management, healthy eating, character strengths, communication, cooking and relationships.
  • Saturday evening - the group gets to socialize off-campus.  Social events include dancing on fountain square, a Reds game, pottery, bowling and more!
  • Sunday morning - we pack our bags & review what we've learned over the weekend.

There are 2 background checked volunteers per 4 retreat attendees. We allow up to 30 retreat attendees per year.

Questions? Contact our Adult Matters Coordinator, Christy Gregg at or 513.761.5400.