Support At Every Age

Early Matters (ages birth - 5 years)
Early Matters Coordinator
Jena Wells | | 513.761.5400

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati helps families assemble the building blocks necessary at every step of development as they construct a fulfilling life for their child.  These blocks are comprised of emotional support, information, education and connection opportunities.  The Early Matters Program is designed to assist new and expectant parents as they begin their journey of caring for their baby in each of these areas.  Typically, parents are looking for support with issues related to gross motor skill development, transition into kindergarten, communication skill development and social connections.  We offer a variety of information and support to families with children ages birth to five years old in the Early Matters Program.

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School Age Matters (ages 6 -17 years)

School Age Matters Coordinator
Joanie Elfers | | 513.761.5400

As children enter the school system, educational issues become a priority for families.  Many parents look for advice and support as they begin to create a collaborative relationship with their child's school.  We address parental concerns of school-age children through a combination of informational meetings and social gatherings.  The School Age Matters Coordinator is available to assist parents and help provide direction as they learn about the IEP process, effective teaching strategies and making social connections.

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Adult Matters Program (ages 18 & up)

Adult Matters Coordinator
Christy Gregg | | 513.761.5400

We have identified six core needs at this point related to our adults with Down syndrome. They are housing, full employment, transportation, healthcare, social networking and aging. The Adult Matters Program focuses on offering a variety of social and educational events related to those six core needs as well as helping our adults connect with their communities. 

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