Hospital Care Packages

Is your child (18 years and younger), with Down syndrome, spending three or more days in the hospital? The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati would love to support you during this difficult time. Please register to receive a Hospital Care Package. We are thinking about you and hope that this small token will put a smile on your face. You will find meal tickets, snacks, cards/stamps, activities, books, etc. Please remember, if you need anything we are here. Learn more 

Giving Tree

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati supports families through a variety of life circumstances.  The Giving Tree program is another way to offer support.  If you are a family in the local Down syndrome community and need assistance this holiday season, please consider reaching out to us for support.  We are able to service  ALL children in a family unit from newborn to 18 years (we also service adults with Down syndrome 18 & up).  Learn more

Ds Press

The Ds Press shares current information on a variety of topics relating to Down syndrome. These topics include medical, educational, and a “page for every age”. The newsletter also publicizes the meetings and events sponsored by the DSAGC. The Ds Press is published 4 times per year and currently reaches over 3,000 individuals including parents, professionals and individuals with Down syndrome.  If you’d like to receive the Ds Press, please contact Krissy Vinson (editor) at or CLICK HERE for the latest edition.

Lending Library
One of the largest strengths of our organization can be found in our Lending Library. This unique collection contains comprehensive information on topics such as teaching strategies, medical concerns, social development, parenting and much more. A children's section is also available which currently contains over 80 titles. Our collection is accessed daily by families, teachers and healthcare professionals. Books, videos, and DVD’s can be shipped or picked up in our office. New materials are continually being sought in order to provide the most current and accurate information available. Our library currently contains over 600 resources.  If you'd like to use this resource, please contact Amie Smith at

Community Participation Fund
We have a limited amount of scholarships available for individuals with Down syndrome to participate in community activities (such as camps, soccer, swim lessons) and therapies.  There is also funding available for parents to attend educational meetings or conferences.  We pay half of the request (up tp $200 per year).  You must live within our 12 county area to be eligible.  Please contact, Lisa Steele at for more information.  Community Participation Fund Form

Emergency Fund

The purpose of the DSAGC Wish List/Emergency Fund is to provide financial assistance to individuals with Down syndrome and their families. The fund is available to individuals who are unable to obtain help through other social service channels and need something tangible that will help solve an immediate problem. The maximum amount of assistance offered is $200 per year. Wish List Application

iPad Rental
Technology is deeply intertwined into our daily lives.  We see and use it constantly throughout our day, whether we’re chatting on a cell phone, using a communication device or playing angry birds while waiting for an appointment.

The DSAGC strives to provide the most up-to-date ways to connect and educate families. DSAGC will provide access to 3 iPads. Our iPads currently have over 40 different applications for all ages and levels. Having access to these devices will allow our families to have time for exploration into technology within their own home and at their own pace.  To rent an iPad, please contact Amie Smith at


Taxi Vouchers

Need a ride that is avaiable and affordable? Do you have a qualified disability (that does not require a ramped/lift vehicle)? Transportation Vouchers are Available!

More Information on Taxi Vouchers

What are Vouchers?  Vouchers are coupons that could be used to decrease your cab fare, cut your fare in half, or even help you ride for free when you need to go somewhere.  Vouchers are meant to be used when existing options are inadequate or unavailable.  (i.e. at times when Metro or Access cannot be used)

Cost:  Voucher booklets cost $12.50.  They are worth $25 in taxi charges with Towne Taxi.

Who Can Use Vouchers?  One to four people (who qualify for vouchers and have a disability) can share a ride together in one taxi to go to a movie, shopping, or appointments. 

Where Can Vouchers Take Me?  Towne Taxi will accept the vouchers as payment towards your taxi charge to take you anywhere in the Cincinnati Metro Area.  (includes Harrison, Clermont County, Northern KY)  **Plan ahead to budget the rides and coupons.

Tips are not required.  Voucher coupons may be used like cash to tip the driver.  Tips are the individual choice of the rider.

Taxi fare estimator:

To inquire about the Vouchers, contact:
Clovernook Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired
7000 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
Contact:  Debbie Albert
Phone:  513-728-6247 or Email:
Vouchers can be picked up and purchased at Clovernook by eligible participants with proof of disability (from referring agency, DSAGC).  Brief application and signature required. Call the DSAGC at 513.761.5400 to receive an Eligibility Letter.

To schedule a ride, contact:
Towne Taxi, Inc.
Available 24/7  **Tell dispatcher that you will be using NEW FREEDOM vouchers.
* Towne Taxi does NOT currently have wheelchair accessible taxis.

How Vouchers Could Work for You
Here are some examples:
1. Erin has purchased a $12.50 voucher booklet (worth $25) and catches a ride to her friend's house. He lives two miles away. The fair market price for the trip is $6.00. What is the cost for Erin? Erin pays $6 using $6 worth of voucher coupons.  Does she tip the driver?  Tips are her choice; she can use a voucher coupon as a tip.

2. Lindsey has purchased a $12.50 voucher booklet (worth $25). She and her friend Paul (who also has a disability) are meeting up with their Special Olympic bowling team for a night out.  Brentwood Bowl is 10 miles from her house. The fair market price for the trip is $14.00. What is the cost for Lindsey?  Assuming she has enough coupons in her booklet, she could pay for the whole $14 trip.   Does she tip the driver?  If she so desires.  Same as #1

3. Hannah has purchased a $12.50 voucher booklet (worth $25). She and her friend Paul (who also has a disability) want to spend the afternoon at the Mall.  The taxi picks up Hannah and then picks up Paul and the goes to Northgate Mall. The total trip is 15 miles. The fair market price is $20.00. What is the cost for Hannah?  If she has the entire booklet of coupons available, she can pay for the whole trip.)

4. Does every ride cost $12.50 or is the voucher more a book with different monetary denominations?  The voucher booklet has difference denominations that in total are worth $25 toward subsidizing a cab fare.  The coupons in the booklet can be used for rides until they are expended.

5. Bob and Henry want to go to Horseshoe Casino for the evening.  They each live 30 miles north east.  Both men have a Voucher booklet to use.  What should they do?  The men have some options: 

1) They could pool their vouchers together to pay for a taxi ride.  This would likely only pay for one-way and may be more expensive than using Metro. 

2) They could ride Metro one way and arrange a taxi home using their vouchers pooled together. 

3) They could ride Metro or get a ride from a friend because it will be cheaper.  This saves their vouchers for other shorter trips in the future.  (Vouchers are cost-effectively used when making fairly local trips.)

Please note:  All cabs charge a minimum of $4, plus $2/mile thereafter.