Caring for Your Family

Support for Family

Do you feel you need a little extra support?  Do you want to talk with other families that are in a similar situation to you?  Would you like to meet other children/adults with Down syndrome?  The DSAGC has multiple Community Groups that may be able to support your specific needs.  The Community Groups are considered extensions of the DSAGC, but autonomy and decision making authority is given to the groups so they can effectively meet their unique purpose and goals for serving families and individuals in our community.


What is the effect of having a child with Down syndrome on the family?  How does the child effect the way they function as a system? What factors put them at risk and conversely, what factors provide resilience to potential stressors?  What is the effect of the family on the child?  In other words what factors positively or negatively influence the development and well-being of the child?



Caring For Siblings

Dr. Brian G. Skotko earned a medical degree from Harvard. He has a family member with Down syndrome (Ds) and a mother whose teaching career taught him the more important things in life should be laminated.  The article below describes how we communicate with our typically developing children.


What the Other Children Are Thinking:  Brothers and Sisters of Persons With Down Syndrome

Books you can read to siblings:  My Friend Isabelle, Our Brother Has Down Syndrome, We'll Paint the Octopus Red, My Friend Has Down Syndrome, Talking Down Syndrome to School