Sexuality & Puberty

The Healthy Bodies Toolkit

This appendix has storyboards and visuals that you can use in implementing the methods outlined in the toolkit. This file is not included in the printed manual.You may choose to print the entire appendix, or you may want to print a particular page or set of pictures to laminate for everyday use. You may share these pictures with others who work with or care for your child.

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How To Discuss Puberty with Your Child who has Special Needs

It’s not easy to talk to any child about how our bodies change during puberty.  But how can it be explained to a child with special needs who may or may not understand?

When our son was preparing to transition to middle school, my husband and I realized that he needed more detailed information than the elementary school’s basic health curriculum and family living video.  We were also concerned that he may receive some incorrect information from his peers if we did not teach him the facts first. So we came up with our own step-by-step approach to discussing the physical and emotional changes ahead:

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2015 Family Resource Conference Presentation about Adolescence: A Discussion About Puberty, Relationships & Sexuality by Amanda Tipkemper, M.Ed. and Dr. TJ Nestheide.

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