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The DS Press is a quarterly magazine that reaches 3,000 people. It shares current information about the DSAGC, articles relating to Down syndrome ad upcoming calendar events.

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We publish an age-specific monthly newsletter sent via email. E-newsletters include value-added content, DSAGC happenings and upcoming community events. To be placed on an e-newsletter distribution list, please contact Emma Ganiban at

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NDSC Family Toolkit

The FAMILY CARE TOOLKIT created by the NDSC, with the support of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, is a toolkit created for the caregiver. Emergencies happen. Vacations and respite are sometimes needed. It is essential to have important information in one place when a caregiver comes in to care for a person with Down syndrome, as well as other members of the family. The Parent guide shows you how to complete the toolkit. The rest of the toolkit is divided into 6 sections – Home, Family, Daily Living, Medical, Resources, and Emergency- which includes everything from how to use remotes to emergency medical consent forms.

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