The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati has a variety of committees that help fulfill our mission.  Experienced and passionate volunteers serve on each committee and work together to help make the DSAGC a successful organization.  

DSAGC Advisory Council

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to keep key stakeholders engaged with the DSAGC and to be available to advise the Board, Development Committee and the executive leadership with regard to fundraising initiatives, public relations and programming issues.  The Advisory Council does not have any authority to govern the DSAGC; such authority resides with the full board.
Pete Ney, Lana Makin, Jane Page-Steiner, Bill McCloy, Tayfun Tuzun, Pat McNickle, Scott MacEachen, Rick Kammerer, Sally Hayes, Connie Hutzel, Lucinda Hurst, Sally Shott 

Executive Committee

This group includes the Board President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. They work closely with the Executive Director and sets direction in terms of agendas for the complete board.
Lucinda Hurst, Dave Eberly, Marlena Tarver, Brendan Walsh, Teresa Cracas

Governance Committee

The focus of this committee is working on board development, overall health and growth of the board. This group also actively recruits, screens, orients and mentors new board members.
Mark Weiss, Lucinda Hurst, Pat McNickle, Kecia Pringle, Sally Shott, Teresa Cracas, Clarissa Rentz, Kim Schmitz

Development Committee

This committee works closely with the Executive Director and Donor Relations Manager to build a solid development foundation to produce the needed revenue for the DSAGC. The majority of their focus is on the Annual Campaign, major gift donors (Celebrating Extraordinary Lives Club) and planned giving (Legacy Society).
Chad Barnett, Kevin Brosch, Erin Brown, Chris Collier, Rich Dineen, Leigh Ann Fibbe, Lucinda Hurst, Bill McCloy, Michael Sottile, Eric Vieth

​Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the budget writing process and monitors our revenue, cash flow and expenses on an on-going basis. 
Brendan Walsh (chair), Luke Hail, Derrick Theetge, Missy Trame, Rich Haffey

Government Affairs Committee (Advocacy)

This committee follows legislative developments on the local, state, and national levels. They share pertinent updates with families, advocate for the rights of all individuals with Down syndrome, and explore ways to support the mission of the DSAGC through government advocacy.  
Alan Abes, Jen Alge, Ashley Barlow, Leslie Brown, Emily Chesnut, David Eberly,  ad hoc Chip Gerhardt, Adrienne Black, Jenetta Thomas

Health Advisory Board

The primary role of this group is to provide support and insight to our Outreach Coordinator and the families we serve. The HAB helps us explore the latest health trends and challenges that affect our community, educate DSAGC families, and connect and engage with regional medical professionals who serve people with Down syndrome. 
Dr. Todd Arthur, Neurologist CCHMC • Dr. Mark Deis, pediatrician, NKY Pediatrics • Dr. Anna Esbensen, psychologist, CCHMC Thomas Center • Dr. Stacey Ishman, ENT, Upper Airway Clinic, CCHMC • Dr. Jenny Motley, pediatrician • Dr. Walker Motley, ophthalmologist , CCHMC  •  Dr. TJ Nestheide, psychologist HCDD • Andrea Parker, LSW  •  Dr. Sally Shott, ENT, CCHMC • Nicki Smith, genetic counselor, TriHealth • Dr. Kristen Suhrie, MD, neonatologist, CCHMC • Marty Tomlin, ANP, Cardiology, CCHMC • Dr. Lauren Wang, Internist, Family Medicine •  Dr. Jason Woodward, med/peds physician, CCHMC •  Cassie Wolf, RN, CCHMC Thomas Center • Philip Knollman, ENT, CCHMC

Educational Advisory Board

The primary role of this group is to provide encouragement, support and insight to our School Age Matters Coordinator.  This group also recruits School District Ambassadors and creates opportunities for educational professionals to improve their skills and comfort level in working with students with Down syndrome.  They also create opportunities and resources to assist parents with IEP’s and other school related topics.
Jen Baker, Ashley Barlow, Gretchen Carroll, Carol Rosenau, Todd Juengling, Elizabeth Miller, Marty Miller, Heather Walsh, Rebecca Scheerer, Shelly Hoffstedder, Shelly Conlin, Lindsey Allen, Caitlin Smith, Nora Tighe

Buddy Walk Committee

This committee assists the Events Manager in the promotion, logistics and the acquiring of sponsors for the Buddy Walk.  Another aspect for this group is to support our Buddy Walk team captains, especially our first-time teams.  This group typically meets once a month for 6 months before the event and then has a post-event wrap-up.  
Rosie Abel, Carl Dragan, Linda Dragan, Matt Oelrich, Maggie Sullivan, Mary Beth Sullivan, Mary Ann Wainscott, Marlena Tarver, Lindsey Dye, Kim Schmitz, Tony Thornberry, Balazs Nemeth

Independence Committee

The ultimate goal for the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati’s Independence Committee is to ensure that we keep individuals and their families informed and educated throughout their lifespan and to maintain strong and informative connections in our community. This committee will collectively create, implement and monitor independence initiatives, goals and objectives for the Adult Matters program at the DSAGC. Each committee member will have a specific focus on some topic relevant to furthering the highly successful Adult Matters Program.
Kay Merz, Marina Viña, Kasey Young, Michael Sottile, Clarissa Rentz, Peter Ney

Advocates in Action

This group is comprised of individuals with Down syndrome (18 & up) that are interested in giving back to the DSAGC and the community.  They volunteer and advocate at DSAGC events, community functions and at local schools.  Advocates in Action help the DSAGC fulfill its mission of empowering individuals, educating families and enhancing communities.

Special Project Task Forces

On occasion, we may form short-term Task Forces to focus on a particular project, such as the organizing of a major DSAGC conference, strategic planning focus groups, etc…

Interested in becoming a committee member?  Please contact our Executive Director, Jim Hudson. Email Jim