Gracin turned 3 in June, and for the first time I realized he is not a baby anymore.  I was struggling with the idea of letting him go to pre-school.  I thought – my little guy is not walking or talking…how could he possibly go to school?  After weighing the pros and cons, my husband and I finally came to the conclusion that we wanted Gracin to go to school in a regular classroom.  Shortly after we made our decision, he started walking!  Even though he conquered waking, I still worried that the teachers wouldn’t know when he was hungry or sad or when he needed something since he wasn’t able to communicate with words. 

My worries were still there on August 19th when the van came to pick him for his first day of school.  To my surprise, he practically ran out the door to begin his new journey!  I stood on the front porch crying happy tears as he yells his version of “bye” from inside the van.  It's been a few months since school started, and it is going so well. Gracin actually has five new words and a sparkle in his eye that I have never seen before.  Despite my fears, sending him to pre-school was the best decision we could have made.  Just remember, our children are unstoppable…we can’t be what stands in their way!