Rachael & Sarah

When I was in third grade, I made a new friend when Sarah came to St. Ignatius. I looked forward to seeing her each morning, having lunch, and playing at recess. Although we attend different high schools, we are still able to do some of the same activities. Sarah and I love to attend Starfire parties that Mercy hosts with Catholic Residential Services. Recently, I’ve come to some of Colerain’s after school activities with Sarah to look for one that interests her.

Sarah is caring and gentle.  She always makes me smile.  She always amazes me with her memory and wit. She loves Big Time Rush, singing, and reading. We have enjoyed going to the movies, making pottery, bowling, eating plenty of ice cream, making crafts, attending Buddy Walks, shopping, swimming and a lot of other things.

This past summer, I was fortunate to intern with the DSAGC. I got the opportunity to help with events, work around the office, and meet new people. I especially enjoyed interacting with people of all ages while playing games at the summer picnic. I loved meeting so many great people, including the wonderful staff and families.