New & Expectant Parents

Learning that your unborn baby has Down syndrome can be very difficult to hear. This unexpected news may generate a wide range of emotions, concerns and unanswered questions. The DSAGC is here to assist you and your family members as you prepare for the birth of your new little one. Our Early Matters Coordinator can provide guidance for you and your family, connect you with another parent who received a prenatal diagnosis, make a personal visit and send you materials. Please know that we care about your family and we are here to help you at this sensitive time. Please contact our Early Matters Coordinator, Jena Wells. Email Jena

“We were diagnosed at 18 weeks gestation and were so pleased when we found the DSAGC one month prior to Ryan’s birth. DSAGC represented a place to call “home” in a sense. It brought us together with others going through similar experiences, so we did not feel alone. I’ll always remember the Early Matters Coordinator's bright smile and perfect balance of enthusiasm and caring concern when she delivered our “welcome basket” that still sits prominently displayed (now full of stuffed animals) in Ryan’s room, five years later.”

- Mary Lynne Sauby, mother of Ryan