New Parent Video

Each year, the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati warmly welcomes over 35 new families to our organization. Our Early Matters Coordinator personally meets with parents - whenever they are ready - to offer support, resources, connections, educational opportunities and more.

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati remains a support system throughout their entire life’s journey. They say “it takes a village” and we are fortunate to live in the Greater Cincinnati area, where the amount of community support is endless. We thank the parents, neighbors, employers, teachers, friends, advocates, medical professionals and more that care so deeply for people with Down syndrome. As a community, we tackle challenges, celebrate victories, learn, grow, accept and love.

With the help of some very generous donors, we created a NEW PARENT VIDEO that provides emotional support to parents who receive a Down syndrome diagnosis. Our goal was to make parents aware of the compassionate, understanding, loving and kind people that make up our local Down syndrome community.

We hope you enjoy this video. We encourage you to pass it along to anyone who might find it useful. If you know someone that just received a Down syndrome diagnosis or has not yet been connected with us, please send them our way!