Prenatal Diagnosis

Congratulations – you’re going to have a baby!
A letter from a mother of a beautiful daughter who happens to have Down syndrome

Like me, you had some genetic testing done. I was in my early 40’s and knew I was at risk for having a child with Down syndrome. IF our baby had Down syndrome, we wanted to be prepared.

We already had three children (13, 11 and 6 years of age). This was an “unexpected” pregnancy, but we were all thrilled.  The results of my amniocentesis came back. Our baby had Down syndrome. We were devastated. Yes, we knew I was “at risk”, but we never expected a positive result. The chances were so slim! How could it happen to us?  Read More

Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis

To download a free copy of 'Understanding A Down Syndrome Diagnosis', which contains accurate and up-to-date information about Down syndrome along with helpful resources, please CLICK HERE.

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