• Support at Every Age

    Support at Every Age

    We provide support and resources to families from the moment of diagnosis (prenatally or after birth) through adulthood.

  • Spring Programs

    Spring Programs

    Our programs focus on therapeutic, recreational, educational and social opportunities for all ages. We tailor our offerings to reflect the need of our local families as we strive to provide ...

  • 1:1 Tutoring

    1:1 Tutoring

    We want to enhance student learning with our one-on-one, individualized tutoring sessions. Therefore, we have worked with our Educational Advisory Board to offer Winter and Spring tutoring! Our t...

  • Discovery Kits

    Discovery Kits

    Our new DSAGC Discovery Kits -for all ages- are designed to keep our loved ones with Down syndrome engaged in creating, celebrating and exploring all kinds of activities, topics and themes. Each kit w...

  • Independent Living Retreat

    Independent Living Retreat

    The Independent Living Retreat is a weekend-long experience for adults with Down syndrome looking to gain their own version of independence. The retreat provides opportunities for community ...

  • iCan Bike Camp

    iCan Bike Camp

    iCan Bike uses adapted bicycles, a specialized instructional program and trained staff to enable individuals with disabilities to learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle. Riders attend one 75 minute session...

  • Social Clubs

    Social Clubs

    Social clubs serve as an opportunity for our adults with Down syndrome to take a leadership role in planning and implementing their own social activities. These clubs were created to empower adults an...

  • DS+ASD Support Group

    DS+ASD Support Group

    In an effort to support families with loved ones who have or who suspect to have a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism (ASD), the DSAGC is offering a newly formed support group for parents and ...

  • Community Groups

    Community Groups

    Community Groups provide support, connections, information and are a resource to families while creating a warm, welcoming, empathetic environment. 

  • Ready to Hire!

    Ready to Hire!

    We've worked alongside employment specialists to compile resources and tools for poterntial employers and employees. In addition, we host a "Preparing for Employment" series to prepare young...