Discovery Kits


Our new DSAGC Discovery Kits -for all ages- are designed to keep our loved ones with Down syndrome engaged in creating, celebrating and exploring all kinds of activities, topics and themes. Each kit will contain items that help individuals to not only discover and enjoy new interests, but will also provide therapeutic-like opportunities including sensory integration, fine and gross motor skills, and executive function exercises.  

Sensory Integration: Frequently putting together information from all of the senses allows us to successfully participate in everyday activities. By integrating, or combining all the information we get from our senses, we can 'make sense' of the world around us. Our discovery kits will provide a variety of textures, sounds, and visuals to help stimulate several senses. This encourages the ability of improved motor planning, exploration of environments, organization of sensory information and maximized performance in daily/recreational activities.   

Fine/Gross Motor Skills: Mastering both fine and gross motor skills is important for an individual’s growth and independence. Gross motor movements involve large muscles such as legs, arms, and trunk.  Working on gross motor skills helps a person gain strength and confidence in his/her body’s abilities. Fine motor movements involve smaller muscle groups such as those in the hand and wrist. Fine motor skills are essential for performing everyday skills like self-care tasks (e.g., managing clothing fastenings, opening lunch boxes, cleaning teeth) and other skills. Our new Discovery Kits will provide opportunities to practice fine or gross motor skills while playing a game or creating a unique art piece.

Executive function: Executive function is an umbrella term for cognitive processes such as planning, working memory, attention, problem solving, verbal reasoning, inhibition, mental flexibility, multi-tasking, initiation, and monitoring of actions. Executive functioning describes a set of mental processes that helps people to connect past experience with present action. The Discovery Kits will remain consistent in that all visual directions will be presented in a similar way to build on these skills from kit to kit.  

It may take you a day or two or a week – the beauty of the DSAGC Discovery Kits is you can create, explore and celebrate in your own time as you discover new interests, skills and talents! 

Each kit will be suited for each age group (Adult Matters, School Age Matters, and Early Matters) and a theme that can be used to celebrate with family and friends. A recognition token is provided to applaud a job well-done. We’d love to see pictures of the individual working toward or having completed the kit. Tag us on social media or email krissyv@dsagc.com to share!

These kits were designed by the DSAGC programming staff team, with direction by Christy Gregg, DSAGC Adult Matters Coordinator & CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist). The kits are free and created for DSAGC families that live in our 12-county service area. Items may vary slightly in each kit, but each kit will be filled with fun! 

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