Empowerment Classes

Empowerment classes are offered to individuals with Down syndrome of all ages and abilities. These classes include sign language, kitchen skills, physical therapy, cheerleading and more! The purpose of our Empowerment Classes is to truly empower participants by learning a new skill or partaking in a new activity. Classes typically meet weekly over a six week period. We offer new classes each quarter, so be sure to keep an eye out for the ones that interest you or your loved one. There is a $20 fee per 6 week session and registration is required.

Physical Therapy

Ages: 0 - 1 
Dates: Saturdays • February 23 - March 30
Time: 9:30 - 10:30 AM
Location: ABC Pediatric Therapy, Red Bank Road
Class Instructor: Physical Therapist, ABC Pediatric Therapy
Program Coordinator: Jena Wells, Early Matters Coordinator
Description: This class is a therapist-facilitated, progressive-building gross motor program focused on core strength (abdominal and back). Each class builds on the previous one, so you don't want to miss out! This is a group physical therapy session. Each week, a different topic/technique will be discussed as a group, and then you will have time to practice with therapists nearby! Parents may ask the therapist about specific questions or concerns regarding their child. There will be one physical therapist and one PT intern at each session to speak with every family. Parents will also receive a handout at the end of each session to extend learning time at home. Due to safety concerns, we kindly ask that you keep siblings home during this class.


Movement Class

Ages: 2 - 5
Dates: Fridays • January 4 - February 22 *8 weeks
Time: 6:15 - 7 PM
Location: Expressions Dance Theater, 2434 High Street, Crescent Springs, KY 41017
Class Instructor: Alex Snyder, Expressions Dance Theater
Program Coordinator: Jena Wells, Early Matters Coordinator
Description: Each class is taught by a Rhythm Works Integrated Dance Certified Instructor and is designed to support existing therapy goals. We will gather your  child’s therapy goals after registration is complete. Benefits of this class include Gross/Fine Motor Skills, Social Skills, Body Control and Awareness, Coordination, Strength and Flexibility, Focus, Memory and Recall Skill, and MORE! Remarkable Movement class is ongoing and if you should choose to continue with this class after the first 8 weeks, there is a Recital the 1st weekend in June.

Registration for this class will close on December 28. On this date, we will hold the lottery draw, if needed and you will receive an email about the status of your child’s registration.


Teen Kitchen Skills

Ages: 13 - 17
Dates: Wednesdays • January 23 - February 20
Time: 6 - 7 PM
Location: DSAGC, 4623 Wesley Ave, Suite A Cincinnati, OH 45212
Class Instructor: Miles Meeden, Indian Hill Winter Club
Program Coordinator: Joanie Elfers, School Age Matters Coordinator
Description: Chef Miles and volunteers will help participants learn to cook a new recipe each week! Teens will learn basic kitchen and cooking skills while interacting with same age peers.


Adult Kitchen Skills

Ages: 18 & up 
Dates: Thursdays • February 21 - March 21
Time: 6:30 - 8 PM
Location: Bauer Marketing, 5508 Fair Lane Cincinnati, OH 45227
Class Instructor: Chef Mike Henson
Program Coordinator: Christy Gregg, Adult Matters Coordinator
Description: Participants will gain hands-on experience in the kitchen! Chef Mike and his assistant will teach adults how to use tools and appliances to prepare meals. Chef Mike and volunteers will oversee participants as they create their very own dishes! Throughout the 5-week session, adults will also learn about kitchen safety and tips to eat healthy! The final week the skills will be applied and the group will host a family style meal.


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