Empowerment Series

Empowerment Series typically occur once a week for 3 – 5 weeks. The classes build upon each other and are designed to empower individuals with Down syndrome to try a new activity or work on a skill. Registration is required. For most series, there is a one-time $20 fee to participate for the entire series. DSAGC families are welcome to use our Community Participation Fund to help cover the cost.

Below are the Empowerment Series available for Spring 2024. New Empowerment Series are offered each quarter.

Spring 2024 Empowerment Series

Music Therapy

Ages: 0 - 7
Date: Thursdays (April 4 – May 9)
Time: 5:30 – 6:15 pm
Location: Piano Players Music Studio – 8479 Mason Montgomery Road, Suite 1, Mason, OH 45040
Cost: $20 for entire series
Description: In this class parents and children will interact through instrument exploration, learning new songs, movement, and sensory exploration. All while working towards developmental milestones in communication, social and motor skills.


Curtain Call Dance

Ages: Kid (6 – 11) and Teen (12 – 17)
Dates:  Thursdays: April 25 – May 30 plus the recital on June 1
Time: 4:30 – 5:15 pm (ages 6 – 11) | 5:15 – 6 pm (ages 12 – 17)
Location: Prestige Dance Center - 3826 Round Bottom Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45244
Cost: $40 (includes costume, tee shirt, and lessons)
Description: Join Prestige Dance Center professionals for a six-week dance training program that includes a recital, a costume, a dance t-shirt, and a professional videographer.  Your dancer will improve flexibility, strength, and coordination through movement, expression, and fun! 


Golf Lessons

Ages: Teen (ages 13 – 17) and Adult (ages 18 and up)
Dates:  Wednesdays: April 17 – May 1
Time: 5 – 6 pm
Location: Meadow Links and Golf Academy - 10999 Mill Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45240
Cost: $20 for entire series
Description:  Join golf professionals from Hamilton County Park District to learn some of the basics of golf! They will introduce various golf swings and discuss some of the rules and etiquette of the game.  Golf clubs and balls will be available for use, but feel free to bring your own if you have them.



Ages: 16 and up
Dates: Mondays (April 8, 15, 22)
Time: 6:30 - 8 pm
Location: DSAGC Empowerment Center - 4623 Wesley Ave Suite B, Cincinnati OH, 45212
Cost: $20 for entire series
Description: This series provides a toolbox of immediate mental, verbal / non-verbal, and physical responses to risky situations, from boundary violations and harassment to physical assault. We will practice all five safety principles of Empowerment Self-Defense—Think, Yell, Run, Fight, Tell—through discussion, activities, and hands-on, gross-motor technique practice. Key lessons will include communicating and respecting personal boundaries, understanding consent, knowing when to leave an unsafe situation, and getting support when you need help. A primary caregiver is required to attend each session. Wear comfortable clothes and get ready to have fun!

Hear what previous participants had to say:

"Bullying and manipulation took our words from us and gave us feelings we didn't understand, the Thrive Empowerment workshop helped us learn that words are not the only way to communicate. By defining our personal space and using our body, we could "say" we deserve to be safe and respected. That is helping us slowly feel stronger, safer and regain our speaking voice."

“The Thrive program was a hands-on empowering self-defense workshop.   It also served as a forum for the participants to get to find their voice, share their feelings and get to know each other better.  I highly recommend it!”


Magnified Giving

Ages: 18 and up
Dates: Wednesdays (April 10 - May 8 + Saturday May 4) no class May 1
Time: 6:30-8:00 pm
Location: DSAGC Community Room – 4623 Wesley Ave Suite A, Cincinnati OH, 45212
Cost: $20 for entire series
Description: We are giving back to the community and learning about philanthropy! The Magnified Giving program provides curriculum, training, resources, and support to encourage service-learning and philanthropy education. We believe in our adults and their ability to give time, talent, and treasure to support our communities. Registrants to this program get to learn about charity and generosity, and together, choose one local nonprofit to receive a grant of $1,000.


Healthy Living

Ages: 18+
Date: Thursdays (March 21 – April 4)
Time: 6 - 7:30 pm
Location: DSAGC Community Room – 4623 Wesley Ave Suite A, Cincinnati OH, 45212
Cost: $20
Description: Each week, experts in physical health, mental health, and nutrition will provide hands-on learning opportunities. These classes will allow adults with Down syndrome to learn fun exercises, how to practice mindfulness, and participants will have the opportunity to make healthy food choices with a buffet dinner.


Lifelong Learning Lab: Math

Ages: 22 and up
Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays (April 16 - May 2)
Time: 6 - 7:30 pm
Location: DSAGC Community Room – 4623 Wesley Ave Suite A, Cincinnati OH, 45212
Cost: $20 for entire series
Description: Our Lifelong Learning Labs are designed for those who have graduated high school and looking to continue working on their educational skills. Our instructor will work on math skills with participants through a variety of functional activities.