Winter Tutoring

Our Winter Tutoring program provides weekly 1:1 tutoring with a quality special education teacher. Our tutors are local teachers who have a combined 50+ years of experience helping children with disabilities learn and achieve their goals. They customize each learning opportunity to fit their student’s individual needs and desired academic goals. Tutoring is available for students grade K – 12. All sessions take place at the DSAGC Empowerment Center.

January 18 – February 24

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Summer Tutoring

Dates TBD

As the school year ends, many students look forward to a break from the structure, expectations and demands of school. However, students with special needs, are at higher risk of experiencing difficulty in retaining skills learned through the academic school year after extended time off from school, such as summer months or spring break. This is commonly referred to as “the summer slide.” These extended interruptions break the rhythm of instruction, lead to forgetting, and require a significant amount of review of material when students return.

Ultimately, the student's skills regress. Likewise, recoupment (i.e. regaining skills lost over such periods of time) may take longer. This cycle of regression/recoupment poses a hindrance to our children's academic success. Our summer tutoring program is offered to expand learning time for children with Down syndrome. It is led by high-quality certified special education instructors. The tutoring program will be individualized and customized via parent/caregiver desires. There will be 2 certified special education teachers and 6 educational aides (students who are in college for special education or current district para professionals) per session.