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Additional Camper Information Form

You can use this tool to share information about your camper's preferred communication, challenges, needs, strengths, and more. Download the Form

Summer Camp Means Fun for All: How to Create a More Inclusive Camp

As you begin planning the programming and activities that will make your summer camp successful, we invite you to consider disability inclusion as a top priority. Learn more

Financial Support for Camp

by Hamilton County DDS
Please check with your SSA for more specific information about financial support for camps.

Family Support Service funds from your county (Ohio)

Waiver Services

There are a variety of ways that a DD Waiver might be appropriate to cover camps or services related to camps. For all waiver services, the service must link to an identified need for the individual, it must meet all other criteria for the waiver service and it must be listed in the person’s ISP prior to the provision of the service. Here are some examples:

Camps that are specialized, meaning serving only those who have disabilities, can be certified by DODD to provide Community Respite (aka “camp”).

For those who are enrolled on the Level One or SELF Waiver, the waiver can also be used to cover the cost of non-disability specific camps through Participant Directed Goods and Services (PDGS). Only camps available to the general public are able to be covered under PDGS.

For individuals attending camp who need personal care during the camp, waivers can be used to fund Homemaker Personal Care staff to attend the camp with the person. The waiver can not be used in this way if the waiver also paid for the camp as this is a duplication of waiver services.

For individuals attending camp who need Nursing services during the camp, this can be approved on a limited basis. Such authorizations require DODD approval, county boards do not have the authority to authorize without this additional layer of approval. Families seeking this service arrangement should work with their SSA to see if this is possible.

Tips for Considering Camps

Local Camp Details

We've collected detailed information about specific camps such as camper requirements, staffing ratios, staff training, safety/security, parent communication, and more! 

Gorman Heritage Farm (day camp)
Evendale, Ohio
*Please note that registration is close to full for summer 2023.However, it is a wonderful opportunity to consider for future summers.
Additional Information

Mayerson JCC of Cincinnati (day camp)
Amberly, Ohio
*Please note, the advocate program is already full for summer 2023.  However, it is a wonderful opportunity to consider for future summers. 
Additional Information

Skyhawks Sports Camps
numerous locations around the tristate
Additional Information

Stepping Stones (day and overnight camp)
Batavia and Cincinnati, Ohio
Jeannie Ludwig- (513) 965-5108
Additional Information

YMCA Camp Campbell Gard (overnight camp with day camp/hybrid option available in program for campers with developmental disabilities)
Hamilton, Ohio
Additional Information 
Criteria of Service 
Application for Campers with Developmental Disabilities

YMCA Camp Creekwood (day camp)
Blue Ash, Ohio
Additional Information

YMCA Camp Ernst (day and overnight camp)
Burlington, Kentucky
Additional Information

YMCA Camp Outback (day camp)
Burlington, Kentucky
Additional Information

YMCA Camp Pride (day camp)
Cincinnati, Ohio - M.E. Lyons
Additional Information

YMCA Thunder Rock (day camp)
Cincinnati, Ohio (Gamble-Nippert)
Additional Information

YMCA Timber Trail (day camp)
Batavia, Ohio
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