Local Virtual Community Opportunities

Big Blue Canopy - therapists go LIVE on Facebook weekdays at noon.

Cincinnati Zoo - LIVE virtual animal encounters weekdays at 3 PM.

Melodic Connections - music therapists go LIVE weekdays at noon for music lessons.

James E. Biggs Early Childhood Education Center - daily lessons for younger kids in both Spanish and English.

McHarper Manor - local art lessons via Facebook.

WordPlay Cincy - personal reflection through writing and a hands-on art-making experience. Continue to discover your voice, express yourself, and stay connected through these activities!

Campbell County Library - on-demand preschool readiness, storytimes, teen activities, and more.

Some of these resources were created by the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati (DSAGC). If you work for an outside organization or live outside the Greater Cincinnati area, please consider making a donation so we can maintain updated resources.