Community Participation Fund

We have a limited amount of scholarships available for individuals with Down syndrome to participate in community activities (such as camps, soccer, swim lessons) and therapies.  There is also funding available for parents to attend educational meetings or conferences.  We pay half of the request (up to $250 per year). You must live within our 12 county area to be eligible.  

The purpose of the DSAGC Community Participation Fund (CPF) is to provide financial assistance to individuals with Down syndrome so that they may participate in:

1) activities such as classes, camps, organized sports, conferences, etc.

2) therapies including PT, OT, and Speech. We also provide financial assistance for family members who would like to attend local, regional, or national conferences, seminars or training sessions that address issues pertaining to Down syndrome and other related topics.

The fund is available to individuals who would be unable to attend this activity without financial assistance. 

DSAGC Community Participation Fund (CPF) Policies

Eligible Expenses

You can ask for funds to be used for: 1) education which might include registration for local, regional or national conferences, seminars or training sessions, self advocacy events, transportation costs including gas mileage, hotel, and airline tickets, or 2) community events which might include organized sports, summer camps, music lessons, exercise classes, special events, tickets, and transportation to get to these events, or 3) fees for therapies such as OT, PT or Speech.

Use for Funds

Each request will be reviewed for eligibility by the DSAGC CPF committee.

Eligible Recipients

You must live in the Greater Cincinnati region which includes Adams, Boone, Brown, Butler, Campbell, Clermont, Clinton, Dearborn, Hamilton, Highland, Kenton and Warren counties. You must be an individual with Down syndrome or a family member.

Application Deadline

Applications will be processed as they are received. Please allow 14 days to process the application.  

Awarding Funds

You will receive written notification that your application has been accepted or rejected by the DSAGC. You will be told the amount to be awarded at that time. The DSAGC will pay the vendor directly, or we will reimburse you for actual expenses after you return from the event/activity and submit receipts. To receive payment, please return the signed receipt form and original receipts within 45 days after the event. The letter from the DSAGC will serve as a “contract” promising that the DSAGC will reimburse the recipient. All awards are subject to the DSAGC CPF Policy. Determination is not made on the basis of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, or economic need. 

Expectations of CPF Recipients

You may be asked to share information that you learned from the conference/event with the CPF committee.

Questions? Please contact our Operations Manager, Betsy Browe. Email Betsy