DSAGC Internship Program

We are happy to announce that we have enhanced our internship program for adults with Down syndrome for 2023! Our internship program provides a healthy learning environment for interns as they learn transferrable skills for future employment in the community. We have improved and re-designed our internship roles to allow for more opportunities and learning objectives.

All internships are PAID, and interns will be a part of the DSAGC staff during their term. We have multiple applicants for each intern position. If you do not receive an offer for this internship, we highly encourage you to apply for other internship positions throughout the year.

Program Assistant 

Internship Term

  • January 9, 2023 – April 26, 2023

Office Hours

  • Monday from 11:30 – 2:30 pm and Wednesday from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
  • As well as two additional events per month (times & dates TBD around intern’s schedule)

Job Responsibilities

  • Assemble and mail transition folders
  • Organize program materials
  • Lead “circle time” during our weekly playgroup
  • Assist Program Coordinators with the planning and execution of programs and events
  • Report directly to the Office Coordinator and Adult Program Specialist
  • Submit a bi-weekly timecard and monthly report to the Executive Director

Learning Objectives

  • Time Management
    • Oversee a project/event from start to finish
    • Learn to work within a timeline
  • Interpersonal Connections
    • Work well with others in an office environment
    • Interact with program participants and their families
  • Professional Leadership
    • Present oneself in a professional manner
    • Participate in team meetings and group discussions
  • Communication
    • Express wants, needs, questions, and concerns via email, phone, and/or in person.


  • Adult with Down syndrome at least 18 years of age
  • Strong social engagement
  • Enjoy working with children of all ages and their parents
  • Willingness to contribute to a varying list of tasks
  • Reliable transportation
  • Perform other responsibilities as assigned by your supervisor
  • Contribute to and model the mission and core values of the DSAGC
    • We are TRUSTWORTHY in our daily responsibilities and commitment to others.
    • We use EMPATHY in our interactions and RESPECT toward others in all that we do.
    • We carry out our responsibilities with the utmost INTEGRITY.
    • We COLLABORATE with and rely on our community partners.
    • We are INNOVATIVE and seek opportunities to be original and creative.
    • We are INVESTED, devoting our time, effort and energy to our mission.

Applications are closed.

Save the Date

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