Financial Assistance at Cincinnati Children's

What is the Financial Assistance Policy at Cincinnati Children's?

Financial Policy

Effective October 1, 2021, Cincinnati Children's will provide financial assistance for medically necessary services to any patient who resides in the United States and will work with eligible patients and families to secure government health care programs. For those patients with a family income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), as demonstrated by completion of a Financial Assistance Application, services will be provided at no charge to the patient/family. For those with a family income above 200% of the FPL, services will be provided at a 49% discount on charges billed to the patient/family.

For a patient to receive financial assistance under this policy, the patient must be either uninsured, or insured by a health plan in which Cincinnati Children's is a participating provider or has a patient-specific single case agreement. If the patient is a member of a plan for which Cincinnati Children's is not contracted, the financial assistance outlined in the Summary is limited to the out-of-pocket expenses from your deductible and co-insurance amounts.

Financial Assistance Policy Exclusions 

Cincinnati Children’s financial assistance program applies to qualifying services provided and billed by Cincinnati Children’s hospital, physicians, and providers. Generally, a patient/guarantor may receive a hospital bill(s) and/or separate Professional (Physician) bill(s). This policy does not include medical professionals that may provide services at Cincinnati Children's but are not billed by Cincinnati Children's. Providers (medical professionals) excluded from this policy can be reviewed here.

No application is necessary to receive the 49% discount. The discount will appear automatically on your bill for families that reside in the United States and received medically necessary care. To receive the 100% discount, the Financial Assistance Application is required and can be obtained drop down below.

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