Covid-19 Vaccine Updates

In December 2020, the CDC officially categorized people with Down syndrome as “high risk” for COVID-19, meaning that they have a higher likelihood of having more severe symptoms and sadly death. A few studies on COVID-19 underscore the risk to be especially acute in people with Down syndrome who are forty years old or older. 
Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati is proud to share the valuable, free COVID-19 & Down Syndrome Resource in English and Spanish published by GLOBAL and the national consortium. The Resource focuses on new and updated information specific to testing, vaccines, mental health, ways to stay safe, and advocacy in hospital settings and for appropriate care. 
We strongly recommend you read through this important resource.
We applaud the national consortium of Down syndrome organizations for creating this important resource for community. Please remember we are here for you during this difficult time and do not hesitate to call or email. In the meantime, please stay healthy and be safe!

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Local Vaccine Updates

*Please note, information regarding Covid-19 and the vaccine changes often, and we will do our best to keep our community informed of these updates.


Ohio Covid-19 Vaccine Updates - Most people with Down syndrome who live in Ohio are in Phase 1B distribution. According to the Ohio Department of Health, vaccinations in Phase 1B have started the week of January 25. You can view vaccine locations/providers here

  • Ohio is in the midst of Phase 1B in their Covid-19 vaccine distribution plan. Phase 1B includes people with Down syndrome age 16 & up. We encourage DSAGC families who have a loved one in that age range to pay close attention to emails and calls from their county board of DD.  It is also important to stay in contact with your SSA (Service and Support Administrator). At this time, caregivers of individuals with Down syndrome in Ohio aren’t eligible for the vaccine unless they meet requirements through a different avenue (age, occupation, etc). If you feel strongly that caregivers should be prioritized in vaccine distribution, you can contact the Ohio Department of Health to advocate or contact your SSA to discuss options. Vaccines become available in short windows, so we encourage all families to stay attentive and flexible during this process. 

  • County Specific Resources


Northern Kentucky Covid-19 Vaccine Updates - Most people with Down syndrome who live in Northern Kentucky are in Phase 1C distribution. According to the NKY Department of Health, federal vaccination sites will open to Phase 1C on March 1. This includes the Northern Kentucky Convention Center - you can make appointments here.


Dearborn County, Indiana Covid-19 Vaccine Updates - this website is where people living in Dearborn County can go to find updates on the Covid-19 vaccine in their area.

Vaccine Resources

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Cincinnati Children’s: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Patients with Down Syndrome

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