Adult (ages 35+)

The needs of our adult population over the age of 35 are complex, diverse, and ever-changing. Future planning, healthy aging, caregiver support, and independent skills are just some of those needs. Our Adult Coordinator provides support services to families and caregivers as well as develop programming to best fit the needs of our older adults.

Our Adult Coordinator:

• Assists families in the preparation of future planning documents.

• Provides consultation on topics such as housing, full employment, transportation, healthcare, social networking and aging. 

• Delivers consistent quality programs focusing on therapeutic, recreational, educational, and social opportunities.

• Connects relatable families to each other through in-person opportunities, online chat groups, and more.

• Advocates for all adults by meeting with healthcare professionals, assisted living facilities, legislators, and employers. 

• Offers resources such as Hospital Care Packages, Community Participation Fund, Giving Tree program and more.

• Researches and forwards resources, referrals, best practices, community opportunities, etc. 

• Fosters relationships with adults and their families to provide support however it is needed.

Adult Coordinator Contact Information

Kim Wynn