New & Expectant Parents

The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati has been supporting families of children with Down syndrome since 1981. Our hope is that the information in our A New Parent’s Guide to Down Syndrome publication will help you to begin to understand Down syndrome and help you to see your baby’s great potential.

The emotions that you are experiencing right now are probably intense. These emotions are very typical when you learn that your newborn journey is not what you had anticipated. Although the needs of your baby may seem overwhelming to you right now, let us reassure you that your baby is more like than unlike other babies. Your little one will bring you many happy moments and there will be many occasions for celebration. You can count on us to help. We are here to offer you the information and support that will assist you during these early days. Based on your comfort level and individual request, we can:

As one mother said, “The best phone call I ever made was to the DSAGC.”

Take time to get to know your baby. When you are ready, contact us. Email Maggie