School Age (ages 6 - 17)

As children enter the school system, educational issues become a priority for families.  Many parents look for advice and support as they begin to create a collaborative relationship with their child's school.  We address parental concerns of school-age children through a combination of informational meetings and social gatherings.  The School Age Coordinator is available to assist parents and help provide direction as they learn about the IEP process, effective teaching strategies and making social connections.

Our School Age Coordinator:
Attends IEP or any school meetings to advocate for the student’s best interest.
Assists families in the preparation of IEPs, behavior plans, or other school related documents.
Organizes “Peer Presentations” in the classroom setting to enhance both the student and teacher’s understanding of Down syndrome.
Introduces families to local agencies, such as the Thomas Center for Down Syndrome, and county services.
Provides consistent quality programs focusing on therapeutic, recreational, educational, and social opportunities.
Plans and implements our 1:1 tutoring program with special education teachers and our iCan Bike Camp through the iCan Shine program.
Connects relatable families to each other through in-person opportunities, online chat groups, and more.
Advocates for all students with Down syndrome by meeting with education professionals and school systems.
Offers resources such as Hospital Care Packages, Community Participation Fund, Giving Tree program and more.
Researches and forwards resources, referrals, best practices, community opportunities, etc. 
Fosters relationships with school-age families and provides support however it is needed.
School Age Coordinator Contact Information
Joanie Elfers