In Honor or Memorial Giving

Making a gift in honor or in memory of someone you care for is a touching way in which someone can support the work of the DSAGC.  We appreciate your desire to give to the DSAGC in honor or in memory of a loved one.

The fastest and easiest way to make this kind of a gift is through our website.  Just click the DONATE NOW button and you will be able to select an ‘Honor or Memorial’ gift and will be asked to include information on where you would like the acknowledgement of your gift to be sent.

To further discuss In Honor or Memorial gifts, contact Jenn Schott at or (513)-761-5400.

Back in the 1960s, my Grandma Mary and Grandpa Tom (both of whom have now passed away) had a set of twin boys…Edward and Stephen. The doctors told my grandparents that Stephen showed signs of Down syndrome, and he could be institutionalized. My grandparents said, “absolutely not, we will bring him home.” Stephen ended up also having a blood disorder, and he sadly passed away when he was only three days old. Edward lived, and he’s now in his 50s and lives in Texas with his family. After this experience, my grandparents always had a special place in their hearts for children with Down syndrome. When my Alice was born with Down syndrome, it was like God had given us another chance to have a child with Down syndrome in our family. Alice always held such a special place in my grandparents’ hearts. When my grandpa passed away, he asked that donations go to the DSAGC in his name.

Ann, Alice's Mom