Legacy Letter of Intent

Please let us know if you have included the DSAGC in your will or estate plans.  We want to acknowledge and thank and you properly.  Hopefully, others will be inspired by your generous and thoughtful example.  We will recognize your gift by including your name in all DSAGC Legacy Society listings, if you so desire.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, please advise us so that we may honor your wishes.  The best way to inform us is to fill out the DSAGC LEGACY SOCIETY LETTER OF INTENT form.

DSAGC Legacy Society Letter of Intent Form

You can e-mail this form to Kari Kester at karik@dsagc.com or mail it to DSAGC Attn: Planned Giving 4623 Wesley Avenue, Suite A Cincinnati, OH 45212.

We appreciate your interest and support of the DSAGC and encourage you to contact your attorney, accountant, financial planner, or tax advisor for specific information on how any planned gift applies to your situation and desires.

If you have any questions pertaining to the Planned Giving initiative of the DSAGC, please contact Kari Kester, our Donor Relations Manager, at karik@dsagc.com or at (513) 761-5400.