The Next 40! Campaign

Forty years ago, there was very limited and outdated information on Down syndrome. Our earliest goal was to provide information to Labor and Delivery units at local hospitals for new parents. We wanted to give them HOPE. Thanks to a lot of people and the DSAGC, we have come a long way!
Bob Sheil, dad of Kathleen, founding family and past board member

In 1981, a group of parents joined together with a commitment to “improve the quality of life for people with Down syndrome.” Four decades later, their vision continues to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people through our countless programs and services. Our services have grown and changed along with the community we serve.

The DSAGC is committed to remaining a distinguished leader. We will remain responsive and adaptive to the needs of the community we serve. The DSAGC finds itself in a unique position to both ensure the continued strength of our programs and services, as well as launch an initiative to better serve older adults with Down syndrome and their families.

The DASGC is embarking on a significant campaign, The Next 40, to raise $1.5 million that will establish an endowment and expand our services to better serve older adults with Down syndrome.  The community’s investment in The Next 40 will guarantee that the DSAGC remains a respected leader and invaluable resource in Greater Cincinnati. The campaign initiatives include:

Living Well for Tomorrow

People with Down syndrome are living longer now than they were when the DSAGC was founded in 1981. To meet the continued physical, social, and health needs of those over 35 years old and their families, the DSAGC is launching the Living Well for Tomorrow initiative to offer resources, support and programs across this longer lifespan. Seed funding will allow for the development and initial implementation of this new program for the first five years.

Ensuring the Future

Throughout the first 40 years, the DSAGC has been known as a leading Down syndrome organization nationally, providing the highest quality programs and services for people with Down syndrome, their families and the community. Establishing an endowment fund will ensure that the DSAGC can continue to fulfill its mission and vision both now and for generations to come.

Are you interested in making a different through The Next 40? Do you want to join us in launching innovative services for older adults with Down syndrome and ensuring the ongoing strength and vitality of the DSAGC for decades to come? To learn more about these initiatives and how you can make an impact in the lives of individuals with Down syndrome, please contact Kari Kester (

If you have already made a pledge to support The Next 40 and want to donate toward your pledge, please click here.

We are incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to draw on the 40 years of wisdom and inspiration of our founding families. We now have an important responsibility to leverage these learnings going forward in the form of an endowment initiative. It's what will help sustain the DSAGC's mission and impact into perpetuity, so no matter what need or stage of life our loved ones with Down syndrome navigate, their path to a meaningful life is always at their fingertips.
Erin Brown, mom of Thomas and Board President 2022-2024