Support Services

  • New & Expectant Parents

    New & Expectant Parents

    The emotions that you are experiencing right now are probably intense. These emotions are very typical when you learn that your newborn is not what you had anticipated. Although the needs of your baby...

  • Early Matters (ages 0 - 5)

    Early Matters (ages 0 - 5)

    The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati helps families assemble the building blocks necessary at every step of development as they construct a fulfilling life for their child.  These ...

  • School Age (ages 6 - 17)

    School Age (ages 6 - 17)

    As children enter the school system, educational issues become a priority for families.  Many parents look for advice and support as they begin to create a collaborative relationship with th...

  • Young Adult (ages 18 - 34)

    Young Adult (ages 18 - 34)

    We have identified six core needs at this point related to our adults with Down syndrome. They are housing, full employment, transportation, healthcare, social networking and aging. The Adult Mat...

  • Adult (ages 35+)

    Adult (ages 35+)

    The needs of our adult population over the age of 35 are complex, diverse, and ever-changing. Future planning, healthy aging, caregiver support, and independent skills are just some of those needs. Ma...

  • Community Groups

    Community Groups

    The vision of the ‘Community Groups’ is to provide support, connections, information, and be a resource to families while creating a warm, welcoming, empathetic environment. A Communi...